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Event Management Briefings

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Event Management Tips

Business Conferences

  •  Interactive lectures and screen sharing
  •  Play recorded lectures live
  •  Live polls
  •  Virtual exhibition
  •  Multiple halls and breakout rooms
  •  Online B2B meetings
  •  Ticket based access control
  •  Moderated video and chats
  •  Create leads for exhibitors and sponsors
Virtual Event business

Scientific Conferences

  •  Hybrid and virtual academic events
  •  Multiple virtual halls for multi-track events
  •  Online workshops
  •  Abstract management and program builder
  •  Online e-Posters
  •  VOD library
Virtual Scientific Event

Workshops & Seminars

  •  Golden ring experience for remote participants
  •  High-quality video and audio
  •  Focus the event on the performer
  •  Live interaction with remote participants
  •  Ticket-based access control
  •  VOD and private rooms
  •  Opportunities for additional revenues
Virtual Workshop

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