Exceed the expectations

Exceed the expectations of your most demanding clients

Eventact is highly flexible and customizable and will help you tailor solutions to each client according to their needs. The go-to solution for professional event planners.
Multi-language platform

Multi-language? Single Platform

Expand globally with Eventact by using its industry-first multiple languages and multiple currencies support for the same event.
Event planning for multinational corporations have never been easier.
Payment options

Keep Credit Card Processing Fees Low

Already have a preferred payment processor? Bring it along! We seamlessly integrate with your choice and a variety of other external interfaces to ensure you feel right at home.
Simplify Event Management

Simplify Event Management

Events keep changing - and that is why Eventact was designed to help you seamlessly cope with your clients' last-minute change requests.
Go Viral on Social Media

Go Viral on Social Media

Unleash the buzz with Eventact's Social Media promotion features.
Keep Organization Efficient

Keep Your Organization Lean and Efficient!

Save countless work hours by taking advantage of Eventact's speedy and smart event planning software automation - your "Event Management Wingman"!
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