Pre-event networking and meeting scheduler

As an added benefit to registering, give your participants the opportunity to network each other before the event. Enable them to set up appointments before they arrive. Networking is one of the top reason people attend events. They are looking for new connections, staying in touch with old ones, and seeing what they can do for a world of potential clients and friends. As an organizer, you can add value to your attendees by helping them connect with other attendees, exhibitors, and speakers. It's easy, and it doesn't take a lot of work to set up.

Self-service networking

Attendees love self-service networking apps because it's faster give them more control. With Eventact each participant controls his profile, meeting availability, and interest. They can browse through the list of participants themselves or receive recommendations from the system about potential opportunities to connect with others. The attendee also has an agenda page with an hour-by-hour schedule for the days of the event. They can also block certain time slots from any obligation if they want to lounge by the pool, take a tour of the area, or wait until the event begins and they decide which of the people they meet in person they would like to follow up on with a longer face-to-face.

Networking with privacy

Participants can exchange messages one another without giving away their contact details like phone or email. Tehy can message each other and set up one on one meetings. They can fill up their agenda with the presentations they will attend, every meeting they have already set up, leaving empty slots free for other people to try to set something up for.
The system helps attendees to schedule meetings when its best for both sides without revealing each other full schedule.

Full control

Enjoy full admin privileges over the entire event networking system. Event organizers can set up meetings between any attendees, cancel meetings. Control visibility of attendees groups and types. Control the features they want to be available to each type of participant

Exhibitor Meeting Scheduling

Schedule meetings at the exhibitor both right on the spot. Along with your lead retrieval tool, you can not only grab contact information of leads, you can follow up with them at the event.

This solution is ideal for hosted buyers. You can personally see to it that the agreed upon number of meetings are in his schedule, insuring that the people who came to the event just for their 30 minutes will get their shot.

Brand equity

Doing events is a great way to increase brand equity. Eventact helps you create an experience that is consistent with your branding and increases your brand equity.

You can customize colors, fonts, graphics and features to make the Eventact Networking App consistent with your branding and the experience you want to create

Discounts, Coupons, and Special Promotions

We support all methods of encouraging people to attend your event. VIPs can come at half price. Speakers can attend at a 20% discount. If someone filled out the registration, but did not complete payment, send them an email offering 33% off if they come back and attend your event.

You can offer discounts to register early, and event special deals for large groups.

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