Participants Directory

The participant directory is the backbone of networking. It is where attendees browse, get a feel of the people they will meet, and learn about the potential of attending the event.

The Eventact attendee directory is engaging and intuitive, yet, it allows advanced filtering of attendees based on interests and profile attributes that are special to each event.

Onsite Meeting Scheduling

Relationships based on real-life, face-to-face meetings are a leading reason for attending a conference.

Eventact coordinates both onsite and online meetings between participants. It evaluates participants' preferences, potential time conflicts, considers the availability of meeting spaces, and takes into account the personal agendas of the participants.

Internal Direct Messaging

Internal direct messaging lets participants communicate privately and securely within the networking app.

The key benefit of internal communication for participants is that it does not require attendees to share their contact information, like email or phone number. Participants use messages to make introductions, generate interest and coordinate plans.

Customized Networking Controls for Event Organizers

Eventact empowers event organizers to align participants with event goals while maintaining privacy.

Organizers have complete control over participant visibility and interactions. They can control who can initiate contact and request meetings and the visibility of other participants. For example, event organizers can hide investors from each other or set up networking so hosted buyers can only schedule meetings with exhibitors. Or allow candidates to see employers and not each other.

Optimizing Engagement in Exhibitions

With Eventact, participants can schedule a meeting with exhibitors from the event website.

With prescheduled exhibitor meetings, participants can communicate their specific needs or interests, enabling exhibitors to optimize onsite resources and staff schedules and come prepared with the information required.

Prearranged meetings allow attendees and exhibitors to maximize their time at the exhibition and make their event participation more rewarding.

Smart Automatic Matchmaker

Using personalized intelligent recommendations, Eventact motivates participants to connect before and during the event.

The personalized recommendations increase the likelihood of productive networking, the demand for onsite meetings, and the registered attendees' show-up rate.

To match participants and recommend connections, Eventact uses advanced learning algorithms to analyze profile information and interests and find complementary goals.

Eventact increases engagement, builds relationships, and elevates participants' satisfaction.

Human Matchmaker

The human matchmaker is a premium service that can be an addon offered to specific participants and sponsors.

Eventact allows organizers to schedule meetings on behalf of attendees using a back-office interface. The organizer interface enables organizers to apply their experiences and past interactions with companies and people in the market to match participants or match participants and exhibitors.

Meeting Space Management

Manage space assigned for meetings. Eventact allows organizers to manage different kinds of meeting spaces to ensure meeting participants have the space available to conduct the meeting. Meeting types include tables assigned one meeting at a time, rooms for a defined number of concurrent meetings, public spaces, and private meeting rooms reserved for specific participants.

Internal Online Meetings

The Eventact networking app allows participants to preschedule online meetings and conduct them inside the app. By hosting meetings directly in the event networking app, organizers simplify meeting coordination and help protect the participants' privacy. Participants are free from having to synchronize the meeting platform, time, and place (URL) via messages.

Exhibitor Space

In addition to networking and meetings, exhibitors have their own customized page in the app. Exhibitors can use the page to make information, such as white papers, brochures, and videos, available to event participants. In addition, in-person participants can contact with exhibitor's onsite staff and schedule meetings. Remote participants can join live video presentations hosted by the exhibitor.

Interoperability makes it easy for organizers to sell tickets that enable more or less networking features. For example, a networking ticket that allows access to the online networking app or the option to schedule onsite meetings using the event app.

Event Registration and Event App

Eventact networking app is part of the Eventact Event Management, which means seamless and real-time integration with registration and the Event App.

Interoperability makes it easy for organizers to sell tickets that enable more or less networking features. For example, a networking ticket that allows access to the online networking app or the option to schedule onsite meetings using the event app.

Data Import and Export

Have you used Eventbrite or Cvent for registration? Eventact can import lists of registrants list from external event registration platforms. Following the import, the organizer can use Eventact to send participants personalized invitations to start networking with other attendees.

Electronic Meeting Board

Electronic Meeting Board is an onsite screen that helps manage a meeting space by informing participants about upcoming meetings. Like departure boards in airports, the meeting board publicly displays information about upcoming meetings, including seats and tables for each meeting. The board reduces the need for onsite staff and helps participants connect and get the discussion started.


The networking app is available in languages other than English, including Spanish, Japanese, and RTL.


Eventact allows organizers to create a cohesive brand experience for attendees. Organizers control the networking app's colors, fonts, and graphics to match the event's branding.

In addition, organizers can customize emails and announcements the app sends and the URLs for users to access the app.

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