A Complete Virtual and Hybrid Events Management Platform

Create a unique, custom virtual event experience and showcase the unique features of the events you organize.


From Abstract Submission to a Published Agenda

Accept abstracts, session proposals, posters, review abstracts, build your conference program and publish it with one tool.

Super Customizable and Flexible

Customize abstract submission, messages, branding, review process to match your requirements.

Synchronized with the Conference Registration

Link abstract submission with conference registration. Easily implement abstract submission and review policies with registration requirements.

Great for E-Posters and Virtual Events

Make posters available for remote attendees with an online meeting place for posters presenters and remote attendees.

Easy to Manage Peer-Review

Abstract peer review system makes it easy to customize and control the abstract peer-review workflow.

Outstanding for Multilingual Conferences

Publish abstract submission forms and conference agendas in several languages and allow submission and management of abstracts in several languages.


Capture participants' attention

Capture Participants Attention for Hours

Allow participants to enjoy your event continuously for hours with zero clicking. Create an engaging lean-back experience. Push notifications, annotations, speaker bio, exhibitor information for participants - making the event content more valuable.

Create a dialog

Create a Dialogue

Events can be a more valuable experience when attendees actively participate. Enable participants to ask questions and share their ideas with presenters and other participants during and after lectures.

Boost networking

Boost Networking

For many participants, getting to know other people is the primary reason for attending an event. Enable participants to engage colleagues, meet, chat, or join online video meetings with other colleagues and exhibitors.

Informal meetings and chats are valuable for attendees to understand what's going on their industry. More about event networking features...

Parallel multi-track events

Parallel Multi-Track

Run multi-session, multi-track events in multiple online halls and VOD channels so participants can always find something interesting and exciting. Reduce attendee dropout due to lack of interest in specific sessions. Make it easy for participants to explore and move from track to track hassle-free.

Breakout rooms

Breakout Rooms

Create breakout rooms for small group discussions, round tables, and online meetings during the event.

Stream live video worldwide

Stream Live Video Worldwide

Take advantage of Eventact video infrastructure. RTMP to HLS transcoding allows you to stream any source Full HD RTMP to Adaptive Bitrate HLS encoding. Hassle-free delivery worldwide based on top CDNs.

Broadcast any video source

Broadcast Almost Any Video Source

Eventact can use video directly from your video studio, directly from the speaker home/office browser and local camera as well as from VMIX, OBS and Zoom. Eventact transcodes your video to create the best viewing experience on different devices and internet connections.

Eventact can also relay video from YouTube, Facebook Live, or Vimeo to event participants.

Control by event director

Live Event Director

Control participant's online event experience in real-time. Bring speakers online, play recorded video, push messages, annotation, and pop-up information to participants. Monitor and moderate online chats. Move participants between rooms.

Live polls

Live Polls

Get immediate feedback from participants using live polls and surveys. Let participants vote and influence, find out what participants think. Then, post the results live to your audience.

Exhibitor's and sponsor's leads

Exhibitor's and Sponsor's Leads

Increase ROI for sponsors. Expose the exhibitor's and sponsor's offers to participants and facilitate lead collection.

Branding boost

Branding Boost

Holding events is a great way to increase brand equity. Eventact helps you create an experience that is consistent with your branding and increases your brand equity.

You can customize colors, fonts, graphics, and features to make the Eventact Event App consistent with your branding and the experience you want to create

Tickets sales and upselling

Tickets Sales and Upselling

Sell premium ticket types with access to special event areas to increase event revenues. Sell pre-event and post-event add-ons. Create custom event registration forms for special events and pre-event networking.