1. What are cookies

    A cookie is a data stored on the users's computer by the web browser by the request of a website. It is designed to allow websites identify users, remember user information and preferences.

    Cookies set by the website you visit or service provider are called "first-party cookies". Cookies set by website from a domain other than the one you directly visit are called "third-party cookies".

    Persistent cookies are type of cookies that saved on your computer and not deleted automatically when you quit your browser.

  2. What are cookies used for

    1. Allow web applications and websites to remember your state when you use in the web application or navigate in websites.
    2. Keep track of your session and confirm your identity while you use the website, fill a form or perform actions.
    3. Streamline your web experience. Remember user details and preferences.
    4. Allow or prevent access to secured area of the site that require login.
    5. Analyze user behavior, time on site and other statistics.
    6. Number of visitors or users of parts of the site and features.
  3. 1st party cookies

    1st part cookies are critical and many features will stop working if you disable 1st part cookies.

  4. 3rd party cookies

    Third parties such as analytics providers and advertising partners may collect data about you and about your use of our website when you use our website or services. This information may including your IP address, number of prior visits, referring website, information about the of browser and device used. The information may stored on their servers. We use the information to improve the website.

    The following third parties use cookies

  5. How can you manage cookies?

    Using the privacy and cookie settings in most web browsers you can

    • Set your browser to block cookies
    • Delete all cookies that are stored on your browser
    • Delete cookies stored on your device by a specific website

    You can manage and delete cookies as you wish - for details, see aboutcookies.org.

  6. Notification of Changes

    1. Eventact may change this policy from time to time. We will post those changes on this page. You should check back here periodically to see if the Policy has been updated. We show the date of the latest modification of the Privacy Policy at the top of the page so you can tell when it was last revised.
  7. Where can I get more information?

    1. If you have any questions about our use of cookies. please email us at privacy@eventact.com.