End-To-End Abstract Management

Eventact is a comprehensive end-to-end solution for managing conference abstracts. It streamlines abstract management using a unified system to handle abstract collection, poster collection, peer review, agenda building, publishing, and on-site and remote e-posters. Additionally, it is fully synchronized with the event registration, website, and application, eliminating the need to manually update other systems.


Customizable Abstract Submission

Accept abstracts, session proposals and posters. Customize your submission process with custom fields, rules, and logic to fit your unique conference requirements.

Effective Agenda Management

Manage conference agendas that include sessions, lectures, posters, breakout rooms, and online sessions, and publish them on your website, event app and onsite signage.

Reviewer Friendly Portal

Makes the abstract review and selection process efficient and easy to customize for organizers, chairs and reviewers.

E-Posters Included

Process multi-slide e-posters with videos, display e-posters on-site, and make them available to remote attendees with an online chat and video.

Multilingual Efficiency

Efficiently control multilingual conferences, agendas, and abstracts, without the frustration of managing separate projects for each language.

Registration Data Sharing

Improve abstract management efficiency with rules-based registration data.


Abstract submission form

Abstract Submission Forms

Easy to customize abstract submission forms. Add any field, logic, and validation rules to form.

Make abstract submission forms easy for abstract submitters using smart fields for collecting authors' institutes, abstract body, topic, presentation type, files, and images. In addition, capture presenting authors' pictures and bio.

Conference poster

E-Posters Collection

Allows presenters to upload and edit electronic posters with multiple slides, PDFs, and videos.

Session submit form

Session Proposals Form

Empower organizers to collect complete session proposals for the conference.

Session proposals include proposed lectures, abstracts, optional chairperson, and additional information required by the conference organizer to evaluate the proposal.

Review abstracts

Abstract Reviewers Portal

Eventact's Abstract Reviewers Portal streamlines the process of selecting the most promising abstracts for your conference. The portal enables reviewers and the event committee to efficiently review, rate, and select submissions.

Organizers have extensive control over the review process, with Eventact enabling them to customize review questions, criteria, and scoring rules to best align with the conference's goals.

Additionally, organizers can set information and options available to reviewers, such as bind or double-blind reviews, conflict of interest declarations, revision requests, and the ability to recommend a presentation type or topic change. Reviewers can also discuss abstracts with each other for a thorough and thoughtful review process.

Conference chair review

Professional Committee Portal

Committee members can manage abstracts in the conference tracks they oversee using the review portal.

To make final decisions, committee members see calculated average grades and details of each review. Then, committee members can decide on abstracts, the presentation type, or the topic. In addition, chairs can monitor the abstract review workflow to reduce bottlenecks.

Abstract management

Automated & Manual Reviewer Assignment

Bulk assignment tools make it easy to assign abstracts to reviews based on abstract topics and the reviewer's expertise.

In addition, the abstract management system can assign abstracts to reviewers automatically based on predefined rules, reviewer quotes, and abstract topics.

Agenda builder

Agenda Builder

An easy-to-use UI to schedule accepted abstracts to sessions, lectures, and poster sessions in multi-day, multi-track conferences. Using the Agenda Builder, you can manage conference sessions, lectures, poster sessions, speakers and rooms, and sponsors. Link lectures to abstracts, and author profiles for improved visitor experience.

Display a live conference agenda on the conference website in the event app, as downloadable PDF, or download it as a Word document for additional editing.

Interactive agenda

Interactive Agenda

Help attendees find lectures in the agenda using keyword search and filtering.

In addition, it enables attendees to build a personal schedule and download selected lectures to their calendars.

Interactive e-posters

Interactive E-Posters

Eventact's e-poster display allows on-site attendees to browse through and view e-posters. Additionally, the e-posters can be made available to attendees through the event website and application.

Speakers list and profiles

Speakers List

Publish a speakers list with speaker profile pictures and biography on the event website. Link speakers with the published program lectures, abstracts, or posters at the conference.

Multilingual agenda

Multilingual Conferences

Easily manage and publish multilingual conference agendas for international academic conferences.

Eventact allows you to accept, review, and process abstracts in languages other than English, including right-to-left languages like Arabic and Hebrew.

Conference registration

Conference Registration

Conference registration and abstract submission are linked. With Eventact, organizers can quickly implement policies requiring abstract submitters to register to the conference before submitting the abstract or before the abstract is assigned to a reviewer.



View reports online or downloads reports in Excel format for additional analytics.

Use built-in reports or create custom reports to serve the needs of the conference partners.

Data export

Data Import and Export

Import and export data, abstracts, and authors from other systems using Excel format.


Customize Everything

Customize every aspect of the participants-facing interface, from abstract submission to the online conference agenda, to match the design with the conference theme.

In addition, customize the review portal, review forms, total grade formulas, and review workflow. Finally, organizers can customize email messages from the system to abstract submitters and reviewers and use the conference domain as an email origin.

Eventact APIs


Organizers can use Eventact's API to share abstract data, agenda, and speaker details, and add unique features to meet specific conference requirements.