Efficient Event Check-In Experience

Nobody enjoys waiting in line. Our event check-in operates with speed, reliability, and precision. Ensure that both the registration desks and staff exude professionalism and a polished appearance to guarantee a seamless and successful entry experience for attendees.

Our Arrival Check-in app is more than a tool; it's a comprehensive solution meticulously designed to elevate your event's check-in and badge printing experience. By maximizing efficiency, enhancing attendee satisfaction, and seamlessly synchronizing self-check-in and staff check-in processes, we empower organizers with complete control over every aspect of their event.


Effortless Conference check-in Management

Empower event organizers with self-operated entry points, featuring a rapid and straightforward setup process. The user-friendly interface ensures a swift and convenient experience for registration station operators, enabling them to locate participants quickly and efficiently.

Adaptive Badge Printing

Customize participant badges with ease, incorporating details such as seating areas, entrance privileges, conference days, and selected routes. Design unique badges for different participant types, ensuring a personalized and visually distinctive experience.

Efficient Attendance Verification

Our tracking solution ensures streamlined attendance processes, meeting the standards for CE, CME, or CPD events, as well as education-accredited conferences.

User-Friendly Across Devices

Effortlessly navigate our platform from any device, eliminating the need for technical staff.

Seamless Lead Collection

Elevate your lead-gathering process with the ease of a QR code integrated into the badge.

Two-Way Sync

Seamlessly synchronize your registration system with on-site activities. Every field occurrence is automatically mirrored in your registration system for real-time updates.


Cross-Platform Compatibility

Cross-Platform Compatibility

The Eventact check-in app is a PWA that works on Windows, Android, and iOS devices, allowing you to use devices you already own and feel comfortable operating.
Tickets images in the system

Read Tickets with a Camera or Scanner

Set up your staffed and self-check-in desks to read QR codes and barcodes using your device's built-in camera or external scanners. This provides flexibility in choosing the best setup for your needs and budget while optimizing available equipment.

Tags examples

Name Tag Printing

Print name tags and vouchers onsite as guests arrive. Create different badge designs for different types of participants. Pre-print name tags for special participant groups, exhibitors or individual participants.

Online and offline check-ins

Non-stop Check-Ins, Also Offline

When your on-site internet connection breaks or is unreliable. Eventact can work offline, so you don't need to stop the check-in desks.

Check-in kiosks

Synchronized Staffed and Self-Service Check-in Kiosks

Leveraging multiple synchronized, staffed, and self-service check-in kiosks, event organizers can efficiently check in attendees, reduce wait times, and provide a personalized check-in experience that combines the convenience of self-service with the warmth of human interaction.

Personalized emails and SMS

Personalized Messages

Send personalized emails and SMS messages to participants on-site.

Session Attendance Tracking

Session Attendance Tracking

Use information about popular sessions and topics and attendee activity to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of marketing efforts and to improve future events.

Eventact's attendee tracking solution streamlines attendance verification and facilitates the creation of attendance records, meeting the requirements of many CE, CME, or CPD events, as well as other education-accredited conferences.

Real-time statistics and reports

Reports and Monitoring

Get real-time statistics on the number of checked-in attendees, view detailed check-in logs, monitor busy and free gates, and check the status of specific guest check-ins.