Event Registration, Attendee Management

Event Registration and Attendee Management are the prime elements of the Eventact Event Management System. With so much flexibility and possibilities built-in, event organizers can quickly launch the best event registration for the event they organize.

Registration Management Unleashed

Unified Event Management

End-to-end control of attendee experience : registration, abstract submission to check-in, website building and event application.

More Ways to Connect

Save time and money on integrations with the built-in 2-way interface to SalesForce, HubSpot. Plus, Open API, Accounting export, JSON, and XLXS import and export.

Group Registration

Enable a group of attendees to register and make payments together, while providing the flexibility for each participant to select their own ticket type and add-ons.

Brand Your Registration

Empower yourself to fully customize the registration form with your organization's branding, including style, colors, fonts, and graphics.

More Ways to Pay

Eventact goes beyond basic payment options, offering credit card instalments, delayed charges, partial payments, refunds, bank transfers, offline and online payments. Additionally, Eventact provides built-in credit card fraud protection and allow you to choose your preferred payment gateway.


Create a registration process that fits your unique requirements. Customize every text, message, field, and registration rule. If the built-in options are not enough talk with us - we are happy to take on any challenge.


Event registration lifecycle

Cross-Event Analytics and Supervision

Track interactions with attendees across multiple events and take advantage of your contact database to boost future events.

Have invited guests to confirm their arrival with a one-click RSVP and personalize the registration process for VIP customers.

Mutiple registration forms

Multiple Registration Forms per Event

Create a streamlined registration experience for different types of attendees. For example, a registration form for international attendees offers additional add-ons such as travel assistance and tours.

All the registered participants are centrally managed. You can filter, sort, import, export, send an email, SMS, push messages to all or subset of registrants.

Event discount options

Promotions and Discounts

Discounted registration limited by time or promotion code can stimulate prospective attendees to register.

Create promotion codes that give fixed value discounts, percentage discounts, or volume discounts. Limit promotion codes by time and quantity. Make sure only people you target will use specific promotion codes linking promotion codes and demographics. Expose hidden ticket types and options to promotion code holders. For example, you can offer discounts to register early and special event deals for large groups.

Event addons

Sell Add-Ons, Upgrades and Workshops

Eventact makes it easy to increase event revenues with add-ons and upgrades that help attendees get more value from the event.

Offer complementary workshops and professional services that supplement the main event. Make your event an unforgettable experience with local tours, gala dinners, and other optional satellite events. Give your attendees a smooth experience with hotel bookings and airport pickup.

custom event registration forms

Customize to Make it Perfect

Eventact registration forms are customizable, smart, simple to edit, and optimized for event registration. While editing your registration form, you can drag and drop fields. Add new fields from a library of over 20 different field types. Add additional registration steps. Change all text, prompts, and instructions in the form. You can also customize validation rules to reduce post-submission processing and ensure attendees enter the correct information during registration.

Event payment processing

Multiple Payment Options

Allow event participants to purchase tickets and services using the payment method they choose. Accept credit cards, credit card instalments, PayPal, purchase orders, checks, bank transfers, and more. Use your credit card low-fee merchant account and be free to switch merchant accounts for better rates.
Having the option to offer multiple ways for attendees to make payment can enhance service experience, supports international reach, increase sales and sometimes reduce bank fees.

International registration forms

Multilingual Registration Forms

Bringing together attendees from different backgrounds can add value to your event, making it a unique opportunity for attendees, speakers and sponsors to expand and meet diverse people.

Allowing attendees to register in their native language can help reach a larger audience, expand your customer base, and improve the experience for existing customers.

Registration forms branding

Your Branding

Event interactions that are in line and consistent with the brand guidelines help maximize the event contribution to the brand reputation and professional image of the organization behind it.

Maintain brand alignment in all attendee interactions and event registration forms. Eventact enables deep customizations of text, colors, fonts, graphic elements, style, email text, and graphics design and using your domain for interacting with event attendees. Eventact helps your brand to take center stage. We do not force our branding in your event and we do not push our product in front of your event attendees.

Personalized SMS and Email in events

Personalized Email and SMS

Email - Use Eventact to send personalized reminders and updates to event guests. Embedded registration and back-office data such as registration details, payment balance and registration status. Get an indication that the emails you sent were received and read. Customize your emails with your branding, graphics, and text, and use your domain name as the email source. Avoid the spam folder with Eventact SPF record test and DKIM email signatures.

SMS - Use Eventact to send mass personalized SMS to event guests from your custom phone numbers.

Sending event invitations

Send Invitations

Send personalized invitation messages to guests. Send one-click RSVPs - allowing to register in one click without entering details.

Help your staff invite their contacts to events and track results.

Event CRM sync

Smart CRM Sync

Connect your event directly to SalesForce, HubSpot and other CRMs. Create and update leads and contacts on SalesForce. Add participants to SalesForce campaigns. Use registration data such as referrer and UTM parameters from the event website and registration to your CRM to optimize event marketing. Read data from SalesForce to customize registration for participants already in your marketing database. Use CRM data to prioritize important customers.

Create and update HubSpot contacts. Event participation details.

Event marketing optimization

Marketing Optimization

Monitor and improve your marketing effort ROI and fine-tune your sales funnel and conversions. Eventact already has built-in support for UTM parameters, scripts for popular advertising analytics tools e-commerce extensions and popular CRMs such as Salesforce and HubSpot. No need for custom scripts, programming or 3rd party API integrations. Eventact enriches conversion data and CRM data with event and e-commerce data to enable the correlation of marketing efforts, business objectives, and revenues.

Google Analytics Ecommerce tracking, Facebook Pixel e-commerce events, LinkedIn insight and Marketo Munchkin scripts are already built-in - no need for custom programming

Event accounting


Issue customized receipts, invoices, credit invoices. Accept down payments.

Export accounting transactions from Eventact into your office accounting system.

Event check-in desk

Fast Check-In with E-Tickets

Send e-tickets with QR-Code to guests' mobile phones and scan them on arrival. Use your device with the Eventact Check-in app to scan attendees on arrival or set up a self-registration desk so your guests can self-check-in. Streamline your pre-event operation and improve the check-in experience by printing custom event badges and personal vouchers on arrival.

Attendance Tracking

Track Session Attendance

Use your own device to scan badges or place self-scan kiosks at points of interest. View collected data in real-time in Eventact

Get participant's activity insights, attendance duration and popular sessions in real-time during the event. Build customer profiles using registration data and session attendance data to classify and prioritize leads for efficient post-event follow-up.