Travel management

Manage flight information, airport pickups, validate passport details and passport expiry dates. Allow attendee to book hotel transfers.

Event accommodation control

Manage room internal room blocks negotiated with hotels in the event area. Reserve room for staff, VIP, or invited speakers. Empower attendees to book rooms, pay for accommodation with the registration or pay at the hotel. Allow participants to book last-minute rooms after completing the registration.

Ensure smooth international travel

Issue invitation letters for participants. Validate passport details and passport expiry dates of invited guests and hosted-buyers before ordering international flight tickets.

Upsell pre-event and post-event add-ons

Allow participants to book pre-event and post-event tours and workshop in the event website, together with registration or post-registration.

Multilingual room bookings

Allowing attendees to book rooms in their native language to increase room reservation and improve the experience.

Multiple payment options

Increase room bookings by allowing event participants a selection of payment methods: credit card, credit card instalments, PayPal, purchase orders, checks, bank transfers, and more. Reduce risk by guaranteeing future payment by credit cards or taking initial up-front partial payments. Increase your profits by using your low-fee merchant account and have the freedom to switch merchant accounts for better rates.

Personalized Emails and SMSs

Use Eventact to send personalized booking details, reminders and updates to participants by email or SMS.


Easy accurate billing of attendees for accommodation using contact details from the event registration system. Issue detailed receipts, invoices, credit-invoice and Export accounting transactions from Eventact into your office accounting system.

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