Comprehensive Travel Services

Elevate attendee experience and boost revenue with integrated travel services, covering flights, airport pickups, and transfers.

Efficient Accommodation Management

Streamline accommodation management by negotiating internal room blocks for staff, VIPs, and speakers, enabling convenient attendee bookings and payments.

Smooth International Travel Facilitation

Ensure smooth international travel by validating passport details, issuing invitation letters, and minimizing risks associated with flight confirmations.

Upselling Add-ons for Enhanced Experience

Increase engagement and revenue by allowing participants to book pre/post-event tours seamlessly during the registration process.

Flexible Payments and Personalized Communication

Expand booking options and enhance participant satisfaction through personalized email and SMS communications, as well as diverse payment methods with secure transactions.

Multilingual Room Booking Experience

Improve user experience and boost room reservations by enabling attendees to book rooms in their native language, eliminating language barriers.


Travel Management

Streamline your event's travel logistics with our comprehensive Travel Management feature. Seamlessly manage flight details, arrange convenient airport pickups, and collect essential passport details to facilitate smooth travel. Empower attendees with the convenience of booking hotel transfers directly through our platform. Simplify every aspect of travel and accommodation for a stress-free event experience.

Event Accommodation Control

Take control of your event's accommodation arrangements with our powerful Event Accommodation Control feature. Easily manage internal room blocks negotiated with hotels in the event area, ensuring availability for staff, VIPs, and invited speakers. Empower attendees by allowing them to seamlessly book rooms and pay for accommodation either during registration or directly at the hotel. Additionally, facilitate last-minute room bookings for participants who complete their registration process. Streamline the accommodation process for a seamless and hassle-free event experience.

International travel

Facilitate Seamless International Travel

Simplify the international travel process by issuing invitation letters for participants and verifying passport details, including expiry dates, for invited guests and hosted-buyers prior to booking international flight tickets. Ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience for all travelers with our streamlined procedures.

Pre-event and post-event addons

Upsell Pre-Event and Post-Event Add-ons

Offer participants the opportunity to enhance their event experience by booking pre-event and post-event tours and workshops directly through the event website. Whether during registration or post-registration, empower attendees to seamlessly access and reserve these additional offerings, ensuring a memorable and comprehensive event experience.

Multilingual booking forms

Multilingual Room Bookings

Optimize the room booking process by offering attendees the ability to book rooms in their preferred language. By providing multilingual booking options, you not only increase room reservations but also enhance the overall experience for attendees, ensuring a seamless and inclusive booking process.

Event payment processing

Multiple Payment Options

Maximize room reservations by offering event participants a wide array of payment methods, including credit card, credit card installments, PayPal, purchase orders, checks, bank transfers, and more. Mitigate risk by securing future payments through credit cards or accepting initial up-front partial payments. Enhance profitability with a low-fee merchant account, providing the flexibility to switch merchant accounts for better rates, ultimately increasing your bottom line.

SMS and Email with details

Customized Communication Made Simple

Utilize Eventact to effortlessly send personalized booking details, reminders, and updates to participants via email or SMS. Enhance attendee engagement and satisfaction by delivering tailored messages directly to their inbox or mobile device, ensuring they stay informed and connected throughout the event journey.


Efficient Accounting Integration

Streamline the billing process for attendee accommodations with Eventact's seamless integration. Utilize contact details from the event registration system to ensure accurate billing. Issue detailed receipts, invoices, credit invoices, and effortlessly export accounting transactions directly from Eventact into your office accounting system. Simplify your accounting workflow and maintain precise financial records with ease.