Open and Private APIs

Retrieve event public information in JSON format and integrate it directly your website. Use a secure API to get private data into server-side apps.

Buit-in Salesforce and HubSpot Sync

Seamlessly connect to Salesforce and HubSpot, customer relationship management (CRM) platforms. Read and update SalesFoce contact, leads create campaigns. Enrich and improve your CRM data with fresh Event attendee details. Retrive data from your CRM to enable shorter registration forms, support event staff decision process or automate approvals.

Control what you share

Select participant fields you want to be available to other applications. Enable or disable data access any time.

Export transactions for your accounting software

Save time, reduce errors, increase accuracy by exporting event accounting transactions from Eventact and importing them to your accounting software.


Eventact custom domain DKIM support and SPF testing. Use your corporate domain when sending out invitations emails and registration confirmations to your customers.

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