July 7, 2020 | 5 min read

There's nothing more impactful than a first good impression. This is also the reason why an event website design and functionality could either turn your event into a quick "sold-out success" or drive people away from it.
We start with our event web presence

A good event website should be:

Quick and easy to create
Creating an event website should be easy, quick and should not divert large portion of your event budget to web-developers and designers. The EventAct site builder, was specifically designed for building the most attractive (and most importantly -engaging) event website quickly and without having to be a web design expert/coder - not requiring a single line of code.
Built for mobile but look great on desktops
It is a known fact that most of users today access the internet (and websites) using their mobile devices. That is why it is critical for your event website to be mobile-ready and show and function well on any platform (desktop, mobile, tablets etc.). yes, EventAct makes sure your event website does that.
Be found by search engines
even the best event website in the world will not bring you new attendees if it cannot be found. The EventAct websites are automatically optimized for search engines so they could easily find them and so you can get the maximum exposure and increase attendance.
A source for useful information
Relevant and helpful information creates user loyalty and encourages user engagement. We have added quite a few useful widgets which will make life easier for your attendees, such as:
  • Event location
  • Countdown time to event date
  • Weather forecast on the dates of the event
  • Speakers list
  • Exhibitors and event layout information
Easy to share through advertising channels
Easy social media share buttons, and the ability to advertise your event website thru various search engines PPC platforms and SMS marketing will help in promoting your site and reaching a larger audience

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