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Event WebSite Builder

Develop an event website that reaches all your attendees, prospects, and visitors on all devices without the use of a developer or designer. A real website that’s supports your event brand, where you have complete control over content and appearance.

Our platform is an end to end cloud solution. You have the power of a Wix, Hubspot, and MailChimp right at your fingertips. From creating a form to sign up to developing and sending your event guide, with EventAct, you have all the bases covered.

Since your website is part of the EventAct cloud, your database is synched to your website. All the data you collect goes to your database. In the same vein, the information on your site is updated to reflect your most recent update

Save on Costs Soar on Productivity

Create your own event website in minutes. Start with a template and basic content that is automatically generated for you. Then customize it using our simple drag and drop interface. Add your custom domain name and you're ready to go live.

We automatically generate a basic website for you. We also give you multi-lingual capabilities, offering registration and payment forms in several languages. Earn the attention of your visitors by not having any ads on your event website.

We have a microdata tool that gives the search engines added information in crawling your pages, vaulting you to the top of the search results pages.

We connect your site with Google Analytics, and its ecommerce extensions. You can run reports to see which keywords are performing and create content around it.

To make your site look state of the art, we included some extra features. Enjoy an image cropper, where you can present an image perfectly inside a grid. You can also save time by building content blocks, or page snippets which you can plug in to any other page or pages of your site.

We understand that your website is designed for one purpose: to get people excited about coming to your event, so we made sure that the call to action button is big, and prominently featured on your site.

Event Website Add-ons to Make Your Site Really Stand Out

Your site includes custom made applications, any of which you can add to your event website with the greatest of ease. Features include:

  • Display the current weather forecast for the day and location of the event.
  • A Google Maps location and directions to the event from where your guest is accessing your site.
  • Animate numbers to highlight important pieces of information like your number of speakers, exhibitions, sessions, and guests.
  • A speaker page to show your lineup of presenters. Each one has a profile picture, short bio, links to their social media, and a chance to message them directly.
  • Designated space for sponsors.
  • FAQ page. Boil it all down to the basics. Give your potential guests a one stop shop for everything they need to know about your event .
  • Photo galleries, social media links, a countdown to event day, and more!

Our toolbox of content options is what you need to dazzle your readers about what awaits them.

Testimonials: A Vital Part of the Buyer Journey

Most people want to read reviews from others before we purchase. We want to know that the right people are coming to the event.

Testimonials are a way of gaining social proof for your brand name. They are instant references, votes of confidence from people beyond your scope, all vouching for your ability to deliver.

They give your event legitimacy. If the people giving these testimonials are names known to your audience, they give your event distinction. Suddenly, anybody who's anybody must be in attendance.

The EventAct event website builder makes including testimonials easy, adding an extra layer of attractiveness to your big soiree.