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Streamline the Abstract Process at Every Step

Whether accepting nominations for an award, or organizing a conference, EventAct offers something for every step of the process, leveraging the latest in event technology to optimize the abstract management process at every step.

EventAct will synchronize the Abstracts you receive with your registration info, letting you give all applicants the chance to submit, present, or attend your conference.

  • Our submission forms are responsive. Applicants can submit their info on any device.
  • Online registration and payment. They can become participants while their abstract is under review.
  • You can create custom questions to pinpoint exactly what speakers you need.
  • Easy file upload for papers, external materials, audio/video.
  • Speakers can edit their abstracts in real time.
  • The most relevant reviewers are notified immediately once the abstract has been submitted.

Invite and Receive Abstracts for Your Next Conference

EventAct Abstract Manager lets you customize the forms for accepting abstracts so you can receive the exact information you need to decide who will present. You have dynamic forms that will automatically fill if a user entered in the past.

The applicant can fill out a complete registration, enter the info, submit biographical info about themselves along with a photo, and even upload their entire abstract file in most any form they like. If participating in the event is a requirement for submission, you can combine registration and payment with the application.

Once the submission is complete, the abstract will be automatically passed on to a reviewer.

Speed Up the Review Process

Every time a new submission is completed, the most relevant reviewers are notified. With EventAct, you can pass a single abstract along to multiple reviewers for assessment.

Based on the specific needs of your event, you can create a custom formula of how to score each application. Add your own weights to different categories to get the most accurate indicator of how well a presenter will fit the needs of your audience.

Our review pages are responsive so your reviewers can go over everything, anywhere and anytime, on their mobile devices.

Once the reviews have been completed, the decisionmaker will see the grades, along with the papers. They will have the option to personally go over the abstracts to make their final decision.

Make the Finest Event Program with the Best Candidates

Once you've made your decisions, it's time to set up your conference agenda. EventAct will help you publish the winners by generating an event program. You will also be able to automatically notify the selected speakers, and post their bio online at your event website.

With our scheduling tool, you can organize presentations by themes and subjects to make sure your attendees don't miss anything they came to see.

The abstract selection process can be complicated and arduous, with lots of people overlapping egos, opinions, and their own paperwork. EventAct makes it easy, synchronizing all the data and functions into a single command center with you at the top. We optimize every step in the submission lifecycle to streamline the process and present the best conference with the most noteworthy speakers.