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on-site conference registration and badge printing. Designed for conferences, trade shows, sport
events and other special events.

The software main features are:

  • Interactive quick search
    pre-registered participants in minimum time.
    Arrival search the participants database while you type, zooming in on the participant as you
    type in more letters. This helps you find participants when spelling is not accurate. Arrival can
    use any supplied participant data that also exist in the database to locate the participant when
    he arrives.
  • E-ticketing support
    Speed up the onsite check-in by quickly barcode scanning electronic
    confirmations sent to participants in advance.
  • On-Line Credit Card processing
    Take payment from participants with minimum delays.
    Read Credit Card quickly and accurately using attached card reader.
  • Multi-badge
    Allows you to print a different badge with different graphics to different types of participants. Also allow you to print a number of different badges to a single participant.
  • Photo ID badges
    Good for improved security and better badge transfer control.
    Captures participant picture onsite or import existing pictures.
    Create a database of participant pictures.
    Print photo ID badges onsite.
  • Barcode badges
    Print badges that include barcode for automatic identification at exhibitor booths or other locations.
  • SQL Server Express support
    Ensures your data is reliable and accurate. SQL Server Express has no problems accommodating large data sets and many concurrent users accessing and updating data at the same time.
  • Access format database support
    For smaller events, in which a small number of registration desks are updating data in the same time, an Access format database can be enough.
  • Multilingual
    Full support for registration forms in any language.
  • Real-time seat allocation
    Allocate a specific seat based on what is currently available.
    The feature also allows you to pre-allocate seat for VIPs and others.
  • AutoComplete fields
    Speeds up data entry by predicting phrases that the user wants to type in without the user actually have to type it in completely.
  • Optional RFID module
    Real-time tracking of conference participants using GEN-2 RFID badges.

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